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As you can see if you browse back to my posts from 2012, I challenged myself that year to read 50 books, and I’m proud to say I did it! It did however leave me with reading burn out, there was no way I was reading 50 in a year again straight away!

Seeing as a catalogued my 50 book challenge here I feel I should post a quick update of my more recent reading exploits over the last couple of years.


DanceWithDragons  Divergent  Rivers-of-London

Song of Ice and Fire

I read the last 2 books of the song of ice and fire series, meaning I am currently up to date with George R.R. Martin’s epic series. Its just a shame the TV series is catching up too quickly as well!

Divergent Trilogy

I read Veronica Roths trilogy off the back of having liked the Hunger Games books. Whilst it was similar I felt like maybe it was a bit too much Twilight influenced as well! My girlfriend really enjoyed them at least 🙂

Peter Grant Series

A fun light series by Ben Aaronovitch about a London police officer who’s also a wizard. I liked the series and hope he continues it, it was interesting having a police wizard turning up at placing I go in my day to day life.

Farseer Trilogy

A good fantasy trilogy by Robin Hobb, the first book was the best but the last two did do it justice and I’d recommend it to fantasy lovers.

MaddAddam Trilogy

I’d already read the first of this series in my 50 book challenge, but I’ve now read the final two of Margaret Atwood’s trilogy.

Hannibal Series

I’ve really enjoyed the new Hannibal TV programme so I decided to read the 4 books with Hannibal in by Thomas Harris. I loved the books too and am currently making my way through their film counterparts.

assassinsapprentice  maddaddam  HannibalCover

I’ve read other books here and there but the above are the highlights.


As you can see I haven’t stopped reading, and since my 50 book challenge I’ve since discovered Goodreads, so you can find me over there reading!