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On Wednesday myself and my manager went to a workshop on Windows 8 Metro application development. I mentioned the ‘Windows 8 Conflab‘ in a previous blog post and this was actually the event, just delayed by a couple of months and changed slightly!

The workshop took place at Skills Matter in London and was lead by Matt Baxter-Reynolds. It was a really interesting day, Matt talked us through a number of elements of Metro application development which was great as I already knew a lot of the architectural elements of Windows 8 but didn’t know much about the actually WinRT development side of things. After presenting the information to us in the morning Matt lead us in a ┬ácoding workshop in the afternoon practically showing us how to implement Metro apps, of particular note was when he showed us how to implement a SQLite database in a Metro app.

What I learnt should be interesting for work if we ever decide to put out a Metro app, in the mean time though the course has spurred me on to have a go at putting a metro app together myself.