One way to run faster - running from a Zombie Horde  

Time to read: 1 min | 17 September, 2020 | Will Ellis

After completing my Garmin Coach 5k training plan, I didn't want to jump straight into another training plan; however I did want to keep running. Whilst like many I listen to music whilst out on a run, I wanted something else to keep me going, that’s when I remembered Zombies Run!

Zombies Run App Screens

Zombies Run Website

I'd actually bought the app a long time back, but it was back when I just couldn’t keep up the running habit. So I dusted off my login details and set it back up (luckily getting the first couple of seasons free due to my old purchase), and this was just what I needed.

Whilst out on a run you complete an episode/mission, which so far is proving to be an engaging storyline, you collect items to help build your in-app base AND you periodically get chased by a Zombie Horde! Certainly a great way to help you pick up the pace.

Sound good? Definitely go check it out!