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Recently I got hold of the developer preview and now the consumer preview of Windows 8. I’m looking into Windows 8 Metro application development as well as looking at how exactly Windows 8 may affect my work and personal computing.

First impressions…. not good. I hate the metro interface and don’t like how its essentially been shoved in between me and the desktop (where’s my start button? In the developer preview there was a workaround to get it back but in the consumer preview its completely gone!) Also it seems that metro applications are almost completely separated from normal windows applications almost implying that all existing windows applications are ‘legacy’ programs and essentially the desktop is reduced to being just another app in the metro interface. I could understand them having metro as the main screen of choice for tablets etc that Microsoft seem to want Windows 8 on, but to me the metro interface just seems completely out of place on a normal desktop.

Despite my initial dislike I’m going to keep on looking into it and who knows maybe I’ll start to like it? If not at least I’ll know what it means for me as a software developer and a home pc user.