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On Saturday I took Cesca to see Terry Alderton at the E4 Udderbelly Festival. After attempting to go into the Royal Festival Hall we found out that the Udderbelly gigs are actually contained inside a large purple upside down cow!

The weather was really great so while we waited for the doors of the cow to open we sat in the outside bar area and had a drink. Once the doors were opened we entered the cows belly where a good sized seating and performance area has been set up. The seats are first come first serve but I’d paid a little bit extra for ‘Sirloin Seats’ (a couple of rows near the front and centre are reserved with purple covers) so we had some great seats for an unobstructed view.

Terry Alderton gave a great set with lots of laughs. Cesca hadn’t seen any of his material before and she seemed to have a great time, as did I. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the udderbelly again next year.