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My second year of Snowboarding is booked!

This year we are going to Altitude Festival in Mayrhofen, Austria. Its snowboarding with comedy every night, awesome! The night life in Les Arcs last year was pretty much non-existent and this year we were looking for something a bit more lively. One day last year though I discovered I am a TERRIBLE hungover snowboarder so massive party nights don’t sound too appealing, but nights full of comedy? Sounds good to me! (The line up is pretty descent as well.)

Evening entertainment aside, I’m really looking forward to getting back on the slopes. Last year was my first time snowboarding but with lessons I picked it up pretty quickly, and this year have opted for no lessons….. we’ll see how that goes! I’m pretty confident about it though and snow willing I think it will be a great week. Maybe a quick session at the Snow centre in Milton Keynes wouldn’t go amiss to refresh the skills though.