Pluralsight IQ - Azure Development  

Time to read: 1 min | 30 April, 2020 | Will Ellis

This Pluralsight channel put together with Microsoft has a shed load of content, but then Azure is vast! I truly believe in the power of continuous learning though, so this is my current challenge.

Working my way through the great content, solidfying and expanding my current understanding, learning how to best make use of Azure in many scenarios, and applying my learning to my personal and professional projects.

Pluralsight Azure Expert

Some of Barry Luijbregts courses were particular stand out in the quality of the course.

Even the courses which are really just expanding on my current development skillset, there are a number of interesting things I wasnt aware of in Azure, and the feature set just keeps expanding.

Deciding to have a career in development means you can never stop learning, technology is always changing, Pluralsight is a great way to keep yourself up to date with indepth understanding!