Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals  

Time to read: 1 min | 12 August, 2020 | Will Ellis

I've been playing around with Azure for a little while now and have decided to get certified to verify everything I know. I recently kicked that off by passing the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam.

Within the developer path of Azure certs AZ-900 is an optional first exam. Its a good proving ground for first off getting the broad strokes of Azure knowledge but also for testing out the online certification process. After taking the exam I definitly feel more confident in being able to take another.

Its also not a very technical exam, so it could be a good qualification for people outside of technical roles to train and take the exam for this certification, so that they understand the concepts of everything thats used in a cloud application.

Microsoft do supply some training around this, and often its free and shows up here. But even if those online pre-recorded sessions arent running then the Microsoft Learn content for this is very good, if you go through this content you’ll be well prepared for the exam: Azure Fundamentals Learn Path

Got a PluralSight account? There is a certification prep path with a couple of videos as well here.

After using that if you still don’t feel prepared to take the exam there are some very good, fairly cheap, mock exams available at Whizlabs. If you’re getting passes on those you’ll pass the real exam easily.

Ready to go? You can book the exam here.

Good luck!