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46. Erin Bried – How to Build a Fire: And Other Handy Things Your Grandfather Knew (2010)   


This book is a combination of tips/instructions given by a number of different grandfathers to the author of this book. Whilst a lot of the things are pretty straight forward its less about what’s being instructed, more about the stories of the grandfathers themselves and there touching stories of days gone by! This won’t be the first book I ever recommend to anyone, but it wasn’t bad.

47. Anthony Horowitz – The House of Silk (2011)     


This is the first Official Sherlock Holmes book not written by Conan Doyle and actually the first Sherlock Holmes book I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed the story and got through it quite fast as I kept on picking it up to read even when I should have been doing other things! The story involves two seemingly unconnected mysteries, the large one being that of the House of Silk, and the elements of the story came together really well. If Conan Doyle’s Sherlock books are as good as this (which I’m sure they will be) I’m going to really enjoy reading them soon.

48. Jim Crace – The Pesthouse (2007)     


Set in a future America where a large amount of the population have been wiped out by something (its never actually explained) the story follows a man and a woman who meet after a disaster wipes out a whole town in one night, and the journey they then have getting to the sea. The book was readable but I never really connected with either of the two characters so I found it a bit tough going at points and the story felt like it went a bit stale in places.


SO that’s 48 out of my 50 books challenge for 2012. With 4 weeks left and 2 books to go I’m pretty confident I’ll make it, in fact I may even be able to slip another book or two in!