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18. George R.R. Martin – A Game of Thrones (1996)       


As I mentioned before instead of watching the TV series Game of Thrones I decided to read the books first. Well it took a little while but I finished it and I really enjoyed it! George R. R. Martin has created a great fantasy world and I found all the characters compelling (often with other fantasy books there is a character I get bored of!) The twists and turns in the story are great and the timing of them seems to be just right with hardly a moment of the 800+ pages dragging on, I can see how this would translate perfectly into a TV programme.

I’ll definitely be reading on into the rest of the series.

19. Frank Abagnale & Stan Redding – Catch Me If You Can (1980)       

Catch Me

Wanting something a little lighter after Game of Thrones I picked this book, the true story of Frank Abagnale which has also been made into the film of the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This was a really fun book; its about a young man coning his was across the world one dodgy cheque and pilot suit at a time. Whether the story is 100% true I’m unsure as its quite a wild one, but either way it made for a good read.

20. Philip K. Dick – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)       


I’ve never actually watched Blade Runner all of the way through (something I plan on correcting) but this is the book it was based on; a story about Rick Deckard, a bounty hunter of androids. Essentially the story is about Deckard hunting down 6 fugitive androids which are the latest models (close to human), but this is surrounded by an odd post-nuclear war Earth with a weird religion, a 24 hour TV programme and people owning animals is a symbol of status; to the point where Deckard owns an electric sheep to pretend he’s richer. The book was an interesting read, questioning the difference between being an android and being a human, but it was a little odd at times.

21.  Michael Crichton – The Andromeda Strain (1969)       


The story of a team of scientists investigating the appearance of an organism from space which kills a number of people, fast. I enjoy virus breakout stories as it involves a lot of quick problem solving (and often messing up) by the characters and ‘The Andromeda Strain’ delivered on that. I liked the layout of how scientists may have prepared for possible extraterrestrial viruses (there’s a pretty cool containment facility where the scientists work) and the story went along nicely, my only complaint would probably be that it ended quicker than I’d hoped!