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16. Seth Grahame-Smith – Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (2010)       


I quite like the concept behind this book, take historical facts and weave in fiction in such a way that it could almost be realistic (if it wasn’t for the fact that vampires are clearly fictional!)

This book was overall a good read but I found that by about half the way through (and I got there quickly) the story started to fizzle out a bit. I’m not sure if that was just due to the story starting to lack, or because the novelty of the history combined with vampire hunting started to wear off. Either way the last half of the book didn’t quite live up to the first half.

I might be tempted to read similar fact/fiction combinations in the future. I’ll definitely be checking out the film adaptation.

17. Hugh Laurie – The Gun Seller (1996)     


A fiction book written by Hugh Laurie? Definitely something I wanted to read, and now I have!

The description of the book implied it would have a lot more comedy in it than I found, but that didn’t stop the fact that it was an interesting and fun to read story. The main character was likeable and following him through the wild twists and turns of government conspiracy and terrorists was entertaining.

Apparently Laurie was supposed to be writing a sequel, but it looks like nothing has come of that. Shame!