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12. Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games (2008)       

13. Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2009)       

14. Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (2010)      

The-Hunger-Games CatchingFire Mockingjay

A friend from work recommended this trilogy to me and having seen the first film adaptation is coming out in about a month I thought I would get round to reading them.

I read through the first book very quickly, I’d definitely recommend it as it was hard to put down! The writing and detail was very good at submerging me right into the storyline with the main character Katniss. After every chapter I felt that I needed to read on to find out what happened which is definitely a good sign, and with a good plot and believable characters it made for a great read. The only faults I would give it are I found it quite difficult to picture what the ‘Cornucopia’ in the centre of the arena looked like (first I thought it was fairly small, then slowly as the story went on it got bigger and bigger till the point people were climbing all over it!!) and also I thought the modified wolves thing at the end was a bit odd. I’m really looking forward to the film now and hope it lives up to the story and how my imagination played it out.

The second book started out quite slowly I felt, but the investment in the characters from the first book made it easier to push on through. Once things start picking up again though I felt like I was right back in the interesting story established in book one. Just like the first it was a very enjoyable read and by the end I was really looking forward to reading the last one.

Sadly the last book was a let down. I felt the end was very anti-climatic and there were lots of things unexplained and just odd. Its a bit sad that the first two books were so good then the third and final one wasn’t, maybe the author just didn’t know how to end it or had lost steam by the final book but in a way I kind of just wish I’d skipped it!

Despite the last book it was a pretty good trilogy and I’m looking forward to the film coming out later this month. Apparently the film studio is planning on turning the trilogy into 4 films (that’s right, 4 not 3), I just hope they adjust the story of the last book quite a lot.