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11. David Brin – The Postman (1985)       

ThePostmanAnother book of a movie I’ve already seen. I liked the film so unsurprisingly I liked the book as well.

In a post-apocalyptic world the hero Gordon is facing death when he stumbles on a dead postman and takes his jacket and letters, this leads to him essentially setting up a postal network between the small leftover communities, giving them hope in a hopeless world.

I like the whole post-apocalyptic aspect and it was a good read. There were a few oddities in there; a sentient robot brain, augmented humans (which weren’t in the film), but all round I liked the idea of just one ‘postman’ giving people the hope they needed and the feminist angle was interesting.

One thought I did have was what would happen if this whole scenario occurred now…… I couldn’t point my postman out in a line-up of two, and I’m normally just being frustrated about slow mail/lost deliveries rather than idolising my postman and the Royal Mail! I guess it makes me think we should be more thankful for the ability to send mail from one side of the world to the other with relative ease.