About Me  

Will Ellis

 Developer || Manager || Dad || Runner 

Hello! My name is Will. I'm a Development Manager at a company called BigHand.

Quickly learning any technology I can find, I have always continued to rapidly expand my development, leadership and management skills. Predominantly from a Microsoft full stack environment I am skilled in C#, .Net, WPF, WCF, SQL and more. But I also work with Angular, NodeJS, Java, Android and all sorts of other web and mobile tech. I love to play with all of this using Azure and DevOps practices.

I don’t just enjoy coding though, I have a passion for leading teams and individuals working across different tech stacks, truely understanding the complexities of the systems and guiding teams along the right path to getting a great job done.

Outside the office I love to run (preferrably whilst being chased by zombies), read a book, catch up with friends and take my two wonderful daughters to the park.

Check out the projects page to see what I've been working on. Or swing past my blog to see if anything has interested me enough to trigger a blog post recently!

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